History of the martial arts school PETRO MAX

In 1974 the founder of Petro Max Martial Arts School - Sensei Roussalin Roussalinov inspired by his teacher - Greek Sensei Pascal Melius, has laid the foundations of the future school by organizing a small group of enthusiasts who at that time practiced karate “illegally”. ( Then in  “socialist” years it was not allowed to practice martial arts legally in Bulgaria ).


After the changes in Eastern Europe in 1989 the predecessor of current  school - The Martial Arts Club - was founded. Between 1989 and 1993 it was a period of struggle to survive financially due to hard economic situation in the country. In 1993 the owner of one of the largest oil trading companies in Bulgaria - Mr. Alexander Naydenov (Petro Max Ltd.) has become the main sponsor of the Martial Arts Club.


So in 1992 the Martial Arts School “Petro Max” had been formally registered and licensed by the government  authorities. Thanks to financial support of “Petro Max” Ltd. a nice dojo had been build supplemented by a nice karate library.  These steps assured the success story of our school. Starting from 1994 up to present time Martial Arts School “Petro Max“ has constantly been among the best three karate schools in Bulgaria.


The founder of this Martial Arts School - Sensei Roussalin Roussalinov after receiving his black belt for  First Dan in Karate Do - Shotokan in 1985 at present is a holder of  VI th Dan Karate Do Shotokan, VI th Dan Okinawa Te Tai Karate Do, VI th Dan Djudjitsu and 2nd Instruction Level in JKD. (to read full CV of Roussalin Roussalinov please click on "SENSEI" button)


Martial Arts School “Petro Max” is presently recognized as an institution for achieving the harmony between the body and the soul  and for building up a mental and physical discipline irrespective of the age of its adepts.


Petro Max” Martial Arts School currently has over 150 members practicing in its three subdivisions located in Pleven, Cherven Briag and Sofia. There are 22 Instructors now who are holders of Black Belt and all are following the steps of their teacher and founder of this school. The school has won over 50 cups in different contests at national and international level. Here are the names of most prominent school members:


A. Lenkov
- Balkan Region and multiple National Champion

Ch. Stanchev - National Champion, Balkan Champion, 5-th position in World championship for young people – Sofia, 2000 y., III-th position in World Police Games – Barcelona, 2003 y.

K.Yakov -  Balkan Region Vice Champion

D. Latchovska
- Multiple National Champion for women

Y. Ivanov
- National Champion

V. Dimitrov - National Champion

M. Minkov
- National Champion

M. Tomov
- National Champion, Balkan Champion – 2001, 2002, 2003 y., V-th place - Euro '03, Poland IX-th place - World Championship, France 2003 y., Sportsman of 2003 y. - Pleven, Bulgaria

Т. Аndreev
- National Champion, Balkan Champion – 2002 y., V-th place - Euro '03, Poland

B. Ilieva
- National Champion 2003 y. /kata, kumite - personality and team/

B. Ganeva
- National Champion, Balkan Championship – 2003 y., III-th place

C. Dimitrov
- Europe Champion 2006, National Champion 2006

E. Angelova -

  • III-th place Europe Championship Shotokan - Italy 2006
  • III-th place Balkan Championship - Rumania 2007
  • II-nd place Balkan Championship - Greece 2007
  • III-th place Balkan Championship - Makedonia 2007
  • II-nd place World Cup "Kobe Osaka" - Bulgaria 2007
  • IX-th place World Championship - Turkey 2007
  • National Champion 2006,2007 and 2008

V. Ivanov - National Champion 2006

G. Vitanova

  • III-th place Balkan Championship - Bulgaria 2004
  • III-th place Balkan Championship - Makedonia 2005
  • II-nd place Balkan Championship - individually - Makedonia 2005
  • III-th place Europe Championship Shotokan - Italy 2006
  • II-nd place World Cup "Kobe Osaka" - Bulgaria 2007
  • III-th place World Championship - Turkey 2007
  • III-th place Europe Championship - Turkey 2006
  • National Champion 2005,2006,2007 and 2008

M. Dimitrova
- III-th place World Championship Cyprus 2006

P. Dikov -

  • I-st place World Cup "Kobe Osaka" - Bulgaria 2007
  • II-nd place Europe Championship - Italy 2005


Martial Arts School “Petro Max” has also a very large and successful children’s section. We have two national champions for children too: Zeni Varbanova and Tzvetozar Iliev. Other prominent children members are Irene Apultcheva, Momtchil Tomov, Ivan Georgiev, Neda Hitzova, Rumen Mirtchev, Tihomir Andreev, Petar Hadgiev, Ilia Iliev, Borislava Ganeva and others.


Beginning from the school year of 1999 / 2000 the sports school "Georgy Benkovsky" in Pleven offers a five-year course of education in the sports discipline karate-do, when the first students in 7-th grade have been admitted as a municipal order. The full-time course in karate-do lasts 6 years, e.g. from 7-th to 12-th grade. The training process of the karate kids from the sports school in Pleven is entirely conducted by the instructors of The Martial Arts Club "Petro Max" in the main dojo of the club - Martial Arts training hall "Spartac", located downtown Pleven, very close to the sports school. Participation in contests, seminars and tournaments, as well as the sports equipment of the students is provided by the Martial Arts Club "Petro Max". The sports school has a students who come from other places out of Pleven. The training classes are scheduled twice a day (in the morning and late afternoon) and are in conformity with the current requirements of the sport KARATE, so that each student from the last year (12-th grade) to be able to defend at least I-st Dan, and to win several national cups. The graduates from the sports school "G. Benkovsky" in Pleven are awarded a diploma of completed secondary education with the right to apply and study at The National Sports Academy in the specialty KARATE.

Currently ( January, 2004) 30 children (girls and boys) are studying in 7-th to 12-th grade in the specialty KARATE at the sports school "G. Benkovsky" - Pleven. 15 of them are already National champions for 2001. Those are Il. Iliev, T. Andreev, М. Tomov, P. Hadgiev, R. Mirchev... and others.